Corrections & Detention Healthcare

Rockdoc provides a full range of medical, nursing and addictions services at several large Jail and detention facilities in Canada. No other provider in Canada has the experience, expertise and staffing systems for correctional services and policing. Reliable, professional, secure – Rockdoc sets the standard for corrections healthcare in Canada.

Jail & Corrections Services

Rockdoc offers a full spectrum of services to meet custodial requirements and individual prisoner needs.

The road to recovery is different for every individual. Our multidisciplinary team of medical experts offer a range of services to meet each person’s unique needs, including assessments, detox, opiate agonist therapy and support.

Rockdoc provides an ER doctor on call 24/7 ensuring that our physicians are there to answer any questions and provide advice to healthcare providers on site.

Rockdoc assists with medical equipment, supplies and medication ordering ensuring that all clients have what they need.

Rockdoc medical team is trained in the care and management of patients living with HIV. Our team collaborates with pharmaceutical providers to assure continuity of HIV therapy.

Utilizing our medically supervised protocols and standing orders, nurses and paramedics are able to practice autonomously to their level of training and registration.We collaborate with the custodial team to reduce risk and assure safety.