Jails & Corrections Healthcare

Rockdoc delivers comprehensive medical, nursing, addictions and mental health services within Canadian jail and detention facilities. 

Corrections & Detention Coverage

Our unique experience experienced licensed medical and nursing professionals and robust staffing systems ideal position us as the preferred partner for correctional and detention healthcare across Canada. Proven, reliable and trusted – Rockdoc reduces cost and risk while assuring duty of care for policing and corrections healthcare in Canada.

Jails & Corrections

Large, Urban Police Jail Facilities

Rockdoc provides the most efficient and reliable healthcare solutions for the unique demands of large detention and jail facilities.

  • Urgent and emergency assessment and treatment
  • Medication administration and management
  • Addiction and acute withdrawal programs
  • Mental health assessments
  • HIV care
  • On-site registered nurses backed by 24/7 on-call ER physician support

Our services are designed to meet the complex needs of the detainee and inmate population. We guarantee safety, reduce risk, reduce cost and set the standard for optimal corrections and detention healthcare.

Cells & Detention Centres

Small Detachments & Low-Volume Holdings

Rockdoc extends its healthcare solutions to suit the requirements of facilities with smaller inmate populations. We offer customized “as and when needed” 24/7 on-call programs leveraging telehealth designed to provide cost-effective, timely and essential medical assistance to support local police and law enforcement.

  • Urgent and emergency assessment and treatment
  • Medication administration and management
  • Addiction and acute withdrawal programs
  • Mental health assessments

Reduce the need to use police resources to transport inmates to busy ERs or depend on overburdened ambulance and EMS resources. We minimize costs and risk while providing duty-of-care medical support for prisoners in smaller facilities.

Rockdoc offers an extensive array of services tailored to both custodial requirements and individual inmate needs.

Rockdoc’s experienced medical team provides comprehensive assessments and acute withdrawal management including opiate agonist therapy (Suboxone, methadone). We reduce the risk for police and correctional agencies by managing substance use disorder in custody to reduce the need for transport to a hospital. 

Mental Health Support

Rockdoc conducts mental health assessments to enable the safe incarceration of inmates with mental health conditions. Rockdoc’s ER physicians can provide certifications under the Mental Health Act for those in crisis, increasing safety for prisoners and jail staff and reducing dependence on busy ERs. 

24/7 On-Call Medical Support

Experienced, licensed ER doctors are available around the clock to offer on-site support or via telehealth by collaborating closely with on-site registered nurses. Ensure timely medical support and expertise while reducing costs and dependence on crowded ambulances and hospitals with Rockdoc.

Emergency First Aid & Basic Life Support (BLS) Services

In medical emergencies, our experienced team provides immediate response and life-saving treatment, assessments, recommendations, and first aid assistance, ensuring prompt and effective medical attention when it matters most. 

Medication Management

Rockdoc coordinates dispensing of prisoners’ medication ensuring that all prescribed prescriptions are continued and urgent treatments are initiated. 

Food & Catering Services

Our medical team assures meals meet Health Canada recommendations and appropriate regulations for appropriate nutrition while managing the costs and requirements of the detention and jail environment.

HIV Care

Our medical team is experienced in caring for individuals living with HIV who require meticulous adherence to treatment regimens. Collaborating closely with pharmaceutical providers, we ensure the continuity of HIV therapy to reduce risk. 

Harm Reduction

Rockdoc implements harm reduction strategies, including naloxone kits and referrals to community support and recovery to promote inmate health.

Policy, Procedure & Protocol Oversight

Operating under meticulously supervised protocols and standing orders, our doctors, nurses and paramedics closely collaborate with custodial teams to ensure security, reduce risks and assure duty-of-care is provided.