Jails & Corrections Healthcare

Rockdoc delivers comprehensive medical, nursing, addictions/substance use and mental health services within Canadian police jails and detention facilities.

Reduced Risk and Reduced Costs

For over a decade, our licensed medical and nursing professionals assure the duty of care and safety of prisoners for police, correctional and immigration facilities across Canada. Proven, reliable and trusted – Rockdoc provides required healthcare so police can protect public safety.

Jails & Corrections

Large Police and Corrections Facilities

Rockdoc provides routine, urgent and emergency assessment and treatment, medication administration, addiction and substance use programs including methadone/suboxone maintenance, acute intoxication and withdrawal management, mental health assessments, and HIV care. Rockdoc provides experienced on-site registered nurses supported by 24/7 on-call ER physicians to meet the complex needs of the incarcerated population and police corrections and immigration agencies.

Cells & Detention Centres

Small Detachments & Low-Volume Holdings

For suburban and rural detachments and police departments, Rockdoc offers “as and when needed” 24/7 on-call programs designed to provide cost-effective medical assistance to support local police and law enforcement. Routine, urgent, and emergency assessments and treatment, medication administration, acute intoxication, addiction and acute withdrawal management, and mental health assessments.

Rockdoc is the leader in providing reliable cost-effective healthcare for incarcerated people in Canada.

Mental Health Support

24/7 On-Call Medical Support

Emergency First Aid & Basic Life Support (BLS) Services

Medication Administration

Food & Catering Services

HIV Care

Harm Reduction

Policy, Procedure & Protocol Oversight