HIV Care

At Rockdoc, we are dedicated to providing a comprehensive approach to HIV care within correctional facilities and personalized support to increase successful treatment outcomes.

Comprehensive HIV Care

Incarcerated individuals living with HIV require specialized care to manage their condition effectively. Rockdoc’s experienced medical team is dedicated to providing meticulous adherence to treatment regimens to ensure comprehensive patient health.

HIV Care

Comprehensive HIV care encompasses:

Our medical team have extensive correctional healthcare background and combined with deep understanding of HIV management, can provide incarcerated individuals with the highest standard of tailored care.

We facilitate a seamless continuity of HIV therapy and collaborate with providers to ensure individuals receive timely access to medications, increasing efficacy of treatment plans.

In addition to medical care, Rockdoc also aims to educate incarcerated individuals regarding HIV management, prevention, transmission and self-care practices to promote an active role in their health.

Jails & Corrections Healthcare

Our commitment to delivering high-quality healthcare within policing, detention and correctional settings reflects our dedication to the well-being and rehabilitation of those in our care and the duty and safety of our law enforcement and corrections partners.