Mental Health Support

Rockdoc’s dedicated team of medical professionals aims to assess and provide specialized mental health support tailored for incarcerated individuals and their unique psychological needs to ensure safety and wellbeing of all stakeholders.

Navigating Mental Health Roadblocks

Mental health crisis is a common part of many incarcerations – and Rockdoc’s nursing and Medical staff are skilled in mental status assessments. If acute treatment, stabilization, or certification is required, a physician will coordinate mental health certifications and complete the relevant forms and arrange transport to the hospital to prevent further decompensation.  

At Rockdoc, we understand the challenging environment of correctional facilities and importance to prioritizing mental health. We are dedicated to conducting thorough assessments to ensure the safe incarceration of individuals with mental health conditions. Our experienced team of nurses and physicians work together to create a safe environment for both detainees and staff. 

Mental Health and Specialized Support Services

Comprehensive mental health support services encompass:

Our specialized mental health assessments are designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of an individual’s mental health condition. This allows us to make informed decisions regarding their placement within the facility, ensuring their safety and the safety of others. 

Rockdoc’s ER physicians are specially trained to provide certifications under the Mental Health Act for individuals in crisis. This vital service significantly enhances safety within the correctional facility, reducing the risk of incidents and promoting a more secure environment.

By conducting these assessments and providing certifications, when necessary, we contribute to a safer environment for both incarcerated individuals and correction staff. This proactive approach helps prevent crises and reduces the dependence on already overwhelmed emergency rooms. 

At Rockdoc, we believe in the importance of addressing mental health within the correctional system. Our specialized assessments not only enhance safety but also promote overall well-being, contributing to a more supportive and rehabilitative environment.

Jails & Corrections Healthcare

Our commitment to delivering high-quality healthcare within policing, detention and correctional settings reflects our dedication to the well-being and rehabilitation of those in our care and the duty and safety of our law enforcement and corrections partners.