24/7 On-Call Medical Support

Whether on-site or via telehealth, Rockdoc’s team of experienced, licensed ER doctors provide crucial medical support and expertise as the preferred correctional healthcare service solution.

Immediate Access to Medical Support

At Rockdoc, we understand the critical importance of immediate medical assistance within correctional facilities. Our 24/7 on-call medical support service ensures that qualified physicians are readily available to provide expert healthcare advice and assistance at any hour.  

Ensure timely medical intervention with on-site registered nurses and additional support from on-site ER doctors or telehealth guidance to promote continuity of care. 

24/7 On-Call Medical Support Services

Comprehensive on-call medical support services encompass:

Our dedicated team of ER doctors are on call around the clock, guaranteeing swift medical advice and assistance when it matters most.

By having qualified medical professionals on-site and immediate accessibility to ER doctors, we help alleviate the burden on busy emergency departments and external resources.

Jails & Corrections Healthcare

Our commitment to delivering high-quality healthcare within policing, detention and correctional settings reflects our dedication to the well-being and rehabilitation of those in our care and the duty and safety of our law enforcement and corrections partners.