Where It All Began

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Written by: Jordan Chang

Rockdoc Consulting Inc. all started with Doctor Samuel J. Gutman, a man with a love for music and medicine, and large-scale events. Over the last decade, Rockdoc has grown to be the largest provider of specialty medical consulting services in Canada. This year, Rockdoc is celebrating its 10 Year Anniversary!

Looking back over the last 10 years, one thing is certain; none of this would have been possible without the man behind the idea, the infamous “Rockdoc” – Dr. Sam. His extensive background in clinical medicine, includes working as a Clinical Associate Physician at St. Paul’s ER/ICU, an Attending Staff at Lions Gate ER, an appointment at the UBC Faculty of Medicine Clinical Associate Professor, and co-founding two medical technology start-ups -Canada Web Health and Carevoyance Telematics and a chain of Private Concierge Medical Practices – Advocus .

Dr. Gutman never let his drive and medical career get in the way of his passion for music. In his earlier years, he helped to manage and promote a local Indie band called “Noah’s Great Rainbow” and started answering calls for musicians needing a doctor in Vancouver. This is when the “Rockdoc” was born (learn more about how Rockdoc got its name – https://rockdocinc.ca/story-behind-name-rockdoc/). Sam speaks of his time working for these musicians, volunteering at events and attending festivals fondly, “that is when I identified the need for a professional provider of event medical services”. Gutman also recalls, “(I), along with colleagues, identified the need for formal research about the risks and challenges of providing medical care at mass gatherings”. As the ideas became reality his passion for live music, events, and medicine coalesced and the beginnings of event medicine evolved. Add in a an understanding of how to inspire, motivate, and lead people and thus began the revolutionary organization and family that Rockdoc is today!

This story only gets more inspiring when Sam was asked which major influencers encouraged the formation of Rockdoc. He calls on Hawkeye Pearce from the hit television series M*A*S*H “a US Army Surgeon…who was a clowning, irreverent, smart a**, but also the most talented, capable and clever doctor in the Army”, hmm…sound familiar Doctor?

He also draws upon his experience of being a summer camp counsellor and captain of several minor hockey in his teens, Sam preaches that “Identifying, acknowledging and supporting teammates or colleagues who work extra hard, or have extra passion, or who just need feel part of something – these lessons have helped form the basis of the Rockdoc culture which still set us apart from our competition”.

Rockdoc is the “overnight success” that has been going strong for 10 years now, Dr. Gutman and his team have done an outstanding job of developing a new area of practice while inspiring junior providers and re-invigorating wily veterans. To this day, Rockdoc allows its team members to participate in new opportunities and challenges by using their health care skills in unique, fresh, and exciting situations. When asked what gives Dr. Gutman the motivation to continue to constantly grow Rockdoc he answered, “The thought of having just one job where I do the same thing every day for 40 years was terrifying to me…so I created my own playground to allow me and those who could see the world as I do, to have a place to try new things, face new challenges, and have control over our own destinies”.