The Story Behind the Name – Rockdoc

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Rockdoc [ROCK Ÿ DOC] Consulting Inc. 


Ever wonder the story behind our name? Well, you’re not alone. One of the first questions we often receive is, Where did the name Rockdoc come from and what does it mean?


In order for us to do it justice we have to take you back to September 13, 1995 at the Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver BC. Van Halen, the seminal power rock band of the day rolled into town with a neck injury and hip pain that threatened to stop the show. A young doctor and lover of music was about to embark on a long strange journey that would combine two of his passions – live music and medicine. Dr. Samuel Gutman was at the beginning of his career providing musicians, actors, rockstars and roadies with medical care and support.


This night, with Sam’s help, Van Halen as they had done for many times before, brought the house down the house with high kicks and blood curdling screams, pounding drums, and virtuoso guitar solos!


As time passed, tour after tour came to town and whenever anyone needed help, Dr. Gutman became the go to guy. Some of his tools have become legendary – the magic throat spray, drug free injections with vitamin B12, and his ethical approach to proactively dealing with the demands of being on the road.


It wasn’t until 1997 when one of the local production crew members from House of Blues Concerts got on the radio and broadcasted to the crew, “Attention The Rockdoc is in the house” and from that, the name was born. Needless to say, it stuck and from that moment on, Dr. Gutman became known as The Rockdoc and the trusted, experienced and reliable choice for everyone associated with the entertainment industry.


If you name a rock star that has toured or played in Vancouver within the past 20 years, Dr. Gutman has been backstage with them assuring they can safely get on stage making sure that the show always goes on.


When it came time to transition from a really cool hobby to become the ground breaking Event Medical Services and Consulting Company that Rockdoc is today, it was only natural that the name Rockdoc be transitioned from a person to a larger group of people.


Since that first night caring for Van Halen, Rockdoc has expanded into music festivals, sporting events, conferences, medical consulting and medical direction under the banner of Rockdoc Consulting Inc. We help our clients navigate through the complexities of health care and always exceed the standard of care. We help our clients and their performers, patrons or people achieve their goals and ensure that the show always goes on. #WeAreRockdoc