Expert healthcare and medical consulting.

Rockdoc’s healthcare services and medical consulting focus on meeting the needs of our clients and their patrons and patients. We work with our clients to create a unique competitive advantage while increasing profitability and driving innovation. We focus on strategy, operational enhancements, marketing & sales, HR management, process efficiency, regulatory compliance and more while assuring top quality care. Our team is uniquely qualified in the healthcare consulting industry comprised of medical & nursing, business, financial, HR and marketing professionals.

Consulting Services

Our experience and skill set delivers value for each individual client.

Healthcare Business Consulting

Rockdoc’s innovative and entrepreneurial team draws on our broad experience in public and private healthcare, to develop, implement and operate efficient and cost effective systems and projects. Our services range from startup, through exponential growth, infrastructure development, operational efficiency, policy and procedure, OH & S programs, financing and support through the full range of clinical care and healthcare business development.

Local & Provincial Governments

Rockdoc reduces risk at special events, races, and community celebrations. We create or consult on disaster and emergency plans as well as coordinate event medical plans, to protect emergency services capacity and assure public safety.

Police & Corrections

Rockdoc provides a range of medical services from first aid through nursing and physicians and occupational health for police and corrections. Rockdoc can help build a program from the ground up, or integrate our services with your existing platform or provider.

Marketing & Sales

Rockdoc works with our clients to develop and implement effective marketing and sales plans. Rockdoc has experience with branding, digital marketing, social media, print, radio and video marketing.

HR Management

Rockdoc will review and develop the appropriate policy and procedure for your company to address and improve HR management.


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