COVID-19 Medical Services

From Employee Health Screening, to diagnostic COVID-19 Testing, to Business Continuity Consulting and Physician advice, we have all your needs covered.

Rockdoc offers a full spectrum of COVID-19 Services including:

  • Health Screening Services for job sites, warehouse and distribution sites - to ensure the safety of all workers on your site,
  • Consulting Services,
  • Private Physicians,
  • Telehealth Services,
  • Return to Work Services
  • Counselling Services
  • Diagnostic COVID-19 Testing

Rockdoc is providing clients with COVID-19 healthcare services across Canada for a variety of large corporations, mid size business, small business and film and television sets.

COVID-19 Medical Services

We offer a full spectrum of COVID-19 services ensuring your worksite and workers are safe and healthy. For more information and inquiries regarding our Diagnostic COVID-19 Testing, please e-mail

Health Screening Services

Rockdoc provides Health Screening Services at your distribution sites, warehouse locations, job sites and at your office ensuring all workers who enter the facility are healthy. Keeping worksites safe is our number one priority. All Rockdoc health screeners have been extensively vetted, cleared background and criminal records checks, as well as credential verification – no other provider has this level of reliability. Rockdoc staffs every location with the highest quality staff to assure a safe and healthy worksite. We can help determine when your staff member can safety return to work.

Consulting Services

Our Physicians are consistently reviewing available research and evidence to determine best practices for our clients. Rockdoc experts are available 24/7 for all your consulting needs including policy and procedure development and advice on how to best adapt your business to the consistently changing environment.

Return to Work Services

Rockdoc can support your HR department or owner-operators to keep your business working. We can help ensure that all workers who have been previously sick, ill or have been travelling are safe to return to work.

Diagnostic COVID-19 Testing

For inquiries and more information about our Diagnostic COVID-19 Testing, please e-mail us at

Private Physician Visits

Rockdoc provides private physician services to meet your specific needs. Our staff have appropriate PPE to ensure the safety of our clients and healthcare workers.

Telehealth Services

Rockdoc Provides Telehealth services with Physicians or Nurses when you need to speak with someone immediately about your concerns or needs, via phone or video conference.


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