Mentorship Program: Noah McNamara

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Written by: Jordan Chang

One of Rockdoc’s core values over the past 10 years, has been providing educational experiences for our volunteers and crew members. In celebration of an entire decade of Rockdoc Medical Consulting, we started a mentorship program in order to promote growth and development for those who are passionate about gaining experience in the field. There are so many talented members of our team with such unique skills. We wanted to ensure that they could pass down these unique skills to those willing to learn and hoping to excel. This week we sat down with Rockdoc’s first ever mentee, Noah McNamara and asked him about his experiences with Rockdoc.

Noah is currently a student at Saint George’s High School who hopes to go to medical school once he graduates. “As a high school student I wanted to further explore what different careers in the medical field entailed; volunteering with Rockdoc has helped me build my confidence and exposed me to the world of medical care. Being surrounded by experienced, supportive people in real life situations has showed me I can learn quickly, trust my intuition, and even as a student, support our team and make an impact.” Noah got to put this very intuition to the test when working at the BMO marathon this year. He was in charge of keeping a log of who was going in and out of each tent and pod, “it was a fast-paced environment and I quickly developed my own method of keeping track of all the details,” he says, “however, I felt efficient and was happy the team trusted me with this task. I love that I am getting more comfortable and able to anticipate different needs, of our staff and patients. No job is too small or insignificant when the goal is to have a smooth and efficient running team.”

In continuation with his mentorship program, Noah has worked closely with Dr. Sam Gutman, the founder and CEO of Rockdoc Consulting Inc., in paving the road to a successful career in medicine. “From the first moment I spoke with Dr. Gutman, he has been supportive, insightful and patient in guiding me through my role at Rockdoc by allowing me to develop skills that will help me attain my goals.” Noah has attended countless Rockdoc events this year shadowing several valued members of our team with various medical backgrounds (paramedics, nurses, physicians, first responders and first aiders); some of the events including the Scotiabank Half Marathon, Khatsalano Street Festival, BMO Marathon, Vancouver Sun Run and more in order to gain the hands-on experience in the field that will support him on his journey to medical school.

When asked about his favourite memory with Rockdoc at the countless events he attends, Noah thinks not of a specific event, but of the people he’s met over the past year. “I get to know the volunteers and staff and really enjoy learning from their unique stories. At every event they are there for me, happy to answer my questions, and teach me new skills. I feel this mentorship is the foundation for my future career in the medical field.”

Noah is a passionate young individual who truly embodies the desire to learn and work in dynamic team environments. Rockdoc is proud to know Noah and support him in his endeavors as he makes a name for himself in our community. We are so excited for what the future holds for him on his journey to a career in medicine.