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Virtual Travel Certification

Book your Telehealth Travel Appointment with your own Rapid Antigen Test Kits*.

This travel certification process does not include the Rapid Antigen tests. Each person must provide their own Rapid Antigen Test Kit. This certification process is valid for travel to the United States & other countries that approve a Rapid Antigen Test for entry**.

*Rapid Antigen Test Kits must be Abbott Panbio, BTNX, Roche or Artron brand.

Recovery Letter

If you’ve recently recovered from COVID-19 and require a recovery letter for employment or travel, conveniently meet with one of our healthcare providers via telehealth for an assessment**.

Note: LAMP or PCR result required to be submitted prior to assessment.

** – There are no refunds on the At Home Rapid Antigen Tests, Travel At Home Rapid Antigen Tests, Virtual Travel Certification or Recovery Letter once purchased.

Doordash Delivery - COVID-19 Test Delivery

Get quick delivery with Doordash

Our at home rapid antigen test provides customers with the ease of testing in the comfort of your home. Each kit comes with one rapid antigen tests and a tutorial of how to conduct the test and read the results.

COVID-19 Travel Testing

Rockdoc provides COVID-19 Testing Services across Canada at our testing facilities. Rockdoc provides Both PCR and Rapid Antigen Testing.

PCR Test

Diagnostic COVID-19 testing. Deep nasal or nasopharyngeal testing for your workplace. Get fast results Same Day or Next Day.

Rapid Antigen Testing (RAT)

Rapid Antigen Testing (RAT) for COVID-19. Nasal swab with fast results in 30 minutes or less.