Growing within our team: Trina Stephens

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Written by: Jordan Chang

There’s no question about it, Rockdoc Consulting Inc. would not be as successful as it is today without the aid of our dedicated staff and volunteers. Every year brings new enthusiastic talent to Rockdoc, and every day, the frontier medical consulting firm strives to provide unique opportunities to further develop this talent. As we continue to celebrate 10 years of reliable and trusted service, we continue by showcasing some of our amazing crew members. This week we are featuring Trina Stephens!

Trina started volunteering with Rockdoc as a young student with a CPR certification. With a prior passion for medicine and her experiences within our team she went on to apply for medical school. Now, Trina is in her 4th year of medical student at Queen’s University and is hoping to pursue a career in surgery. “There’s really no overstating how influential Sam and the rest of the Rockdoc team have been in shaping where I am today. Rockdoc was my first real foray into the world of medicine and solidified my interest in pursuing it as a career. The positive team dynamic they’ve cultivated is truly inspiring”.
Trina speaks about one of her experiences working a marathon with Rockdoc, and how it taught her the importance of teamwork and trust within the medical field. “I was volunteering at one of the distance running events as a “catcher”, and a fit woman jogged past me. I congratulated her on her run and asked how she was feeling. She politely nodded, but quickly moved by me, as most finishers do. I felt something was off though. She had an ashen appearance, and her eyes didn’t focus on me. I decided to walk a few paces behind her. Sure enough, she collapsed a few seconds later. No swaying, no stumbling, straight down. Thankfully, I was within lunging distance and got an arm around her in time to help her to the ground. She regained consciousness in a few seconds, and I found a wheelchair to bring her into Main Medical.”

Trina’s quick thinking allowed her to play a crucial role in caring for this patient, she says “many of my experiences at Rockdoc are like this one; a moment in time where I’m performing a specific role to help someone, then trusting the next team member to take over care. These experiences helped me learn the best care is provided by many health providers working together, rather than any one individual ~cue The Fray~”
When asked about her absolute favourite memory over the years, Trina without a doubt raved about a music festival in 2015! It was hot, smoggy, and (embarrassingly) my first time ever at a music festival. We faced some interesting challenges that week, including stabilizing then airlifting a camper in acute respiratory distress to safety. I realized that while music festivals in stunning, isolated locations look fabulous on Instagram, they’re only made possible by the efforts of hundreds of individuals dedicated to creating a safe environment for carefree (often experimental) festival-goers. Our team of more than 120 volunteers worked tirelessly through scorching days and long nights, but a sense of comradery and purpose permeated each day. There is no doubt in my mind that we prevented more than one unfortunate outcome that weekend. I am so very proud to have been part of the Rockdoc team for that event.”
Rockdoc Consulting Inc’s success and growth over these past 10 years is accredited to dedicated crew members such as Trina who understand how important teamwork, education, and dedication are to Rockdoc! Thank you so much to Trina for sharing your story with us, we are excited to continue to support you as you pursue a career in medicine and are thrilled to see where you go next!