Growing within our team: Kristyna Sorensen

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Written by: Jordan Chang

Rockdoc Consulting Inc. began as a small company with humble beginnings. Today it has transformed into the largest specialty medical consulting firms in Canada. One thing has been consistent since the beginning; Rockdoc strives to teach and aid in the growth and development of our staff and volunteers. There are hundreds of stories about crew members who started with us as a first aider or student and went on to become a nurse, paramedic and/or physician. With Rockdoc celebrating 10 years of dedicated service and opening up unique medical opportunities for thousands of people, we wanted to showcase some of these incredible stories. This week we sat down with Kristyna Sorensen.

Kristyna began volunteering with Rockdoc as a nursing student 3 years ago and she is now an RN who works with us at one of our Urban Jails within our Special Projects Division. She is also a Charge RN for various Rockdoc events. Kristyna is an asset at every event she attends, whether she is providing stellar patient care, or teaching student nurses how to insert an IV into her very own arm.

“I did my first Rockdoc event at the Pemberton Music Festival, when I was a Nursing Student. I went up to Pemberton by myself, not knowing anyone or anything about what I was getting myself into. I ended up having the BEST time, learning new skills and meeting some pretty awesome people.” It was from that point on that Kristyna realized she wanted to continue to push herself out of her comfort zone. She preaches, “I have translated that into not only my work life but also my personal life. It was the best thing I have ever done for myself.”

Kristyna told our team that she initially decided to volunteer with Rockdoc as a student nurse thinking it would be fun to participate in activities outside of hospital work. She told us that now, she volunteers for these four reasons:

“1. You get to experience an event from a unique perspective
2. I love seeing new people come out, whether it be nursing students or OFA’s, it is so much fun to see them have a good time and even teach them a few things here or there.
3. I have never been to an event and not learned something new from someone, usually of a different professional background then myself, I love the collaboration!
4. The people I have met and continue to see on a regular basis on event are AWESOME and make it so much fun “

We asked her if she’s had a favourite memory over the years and her initial reaction was that there were too many! However, one memory stuck out over the others. “One year at a music festival I had a guy in my pod with severe drug intoxication, we sobered him up and he was so happy with the care we provided he took a picture of us together before leaving the tent. A week later at a different music festival we ran into him at the festival and he ran up to us saying “you’re the girls from the picture last week!!” He hugged us and thanked us profusely. As much as I love the variety of emergency medicine it’s nice to see what happens to patients after. I always have patients that I sober up at the beginning of the night and they come back to visit and say hi throughout the rest of the event!“

We are beyond appreciative to have such fantastic crew members that have grown within our organization. Thank you to Kristyna for sharing your passion, excitement and dedication to Rockdoc. We are incredibly grateful to be part of your journey as a difference maker.